The School has been formed in 2009 with a noble cause to bridge the gap of requisite Quality Education in Qatar. The foundation of TNG has been carefully set up by the highly skilled and experienced educationalists and technocrats of diverse disciplines and regions to converge on a common cause. The vision and mission of the TNG are aligned in accordance with the strategy of the Ministry of Education and higher education Qatar. The Educational infrastructure of TNG is set up to fulfil the literacy demand of emerging Qatar, which includes Academics, Islamic Education, the Quran, Soft skills and Technology. The Islamic curriculum has been carefully chosen from the popular school system of South Africa. The most modern facilities, such as EdTech, ergonometric furniture, Students & Parents web portal, e-Learning portal, technology access for everyone makes TNG a unique educational institution in Qatar. As the technological and social demands of any modern society are changing rapidly, it becomes important to make sure that TNG’s very purpose of existence has an equal impact on these changes.

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