Since schooling is a transformational process, it is our endeavour at TNG to ensure that this process occurs smoothly and with the highest level of efficiency. Our primary objective is to operationalize a critical thinking based educational program that nurtures and channels the physical and mental energies of our students in the most productive manner. In order to achieve this objective, TNG has employed the most modern teaching strategies, a team of dedicated and highly trained teachers and educators and a vision that complements its resources.

It is a source of great delight for me that by choosing TNG you have decided to avail the opportunity of placing your child in one of the best public charter schools in the common wealth of Qatar.

The unique TNG educational model is based on forging a long-term partnership among parents, teachers, families, and support coordinators who are bonded together by a dedicated curriculum. A bonding arrangement that has culminated in what we call the TNG Diamond Model Partnership (DMP). In our estimation, it is the parents that serve as the anchor in the TNG-DMP who are willing to make tremendous sacrifices so as to be involved in their child`s educational progress on a daily basis.

At TNG parents are never alone because at every step of the way they will find guidance and cooperation from the school`s experienced administrators, highly trained teachers and the caring family support coordinators.




Mrs. Shagufta Bakali

Chief Executive Officer.

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Choosing the right educational institution for a child is a very critical decision for parents because it frequently proves to be pivotal in determining the future course of a child’s journey all the way up to adulthood and beyond.

  • TNG furnishes its students with the appropriate resource mix so that they can make informed and rational choices in a world where the horizons of knowledge are continuously expanding, often leaping forward in gigantic proportions.
  • The strong academic thrust at TNG is embedded in Islamic and universal values, empowering its students to become winners from the very beginning and allowing them to play a vital role in their respective societies.
  • Students develop a keenness for ingenuity and innovation at TNG in an ambiance that fosters leadership and accountability.
  • The school’s state-of-the-art infrastructure, a team of dedicated and experienced professionals, and a challenging curriculum provide each student with optimum opportunities and a conducive environment to help realize his or her fullest potential.
  • TNG seeks to promote and protect the personal, academic, social, and ethical well being of all its students, regardless of their colour, creed or race as they strive to achieve highest standards of excellence.

Your informed decision and the confidence that you have placed in us by choosing TNG is most certainly a positive step towards ensuring the success of your treasured child.

My trust in the capacity and capabilities of the TNG management team is above and beyond any reproach or doubt as it comprises dedicated men and women who will always be at your beck and call to help your child succeed.

At TNG our abiding faith and resolve is that all students have the potential of achieving a goal, no matter how lofty or unrealistic it might seem.






Mohammed Khalid

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