Please read the below important points before submitting the admission application

  1. Following valid documents are required for admission.
    • Copy of Valid Qatari ID and Passport of the student (attached with application)
    • Copy of Birth Certificate of the student.
    • Copy of Vaccination / Immunizations of the student.
    • Copy of Valid Health Card of the student.
    • Copy of school-leaving certificate of the previous school (if any)
    • Copy of previous school report card (if any)
    • Copy of Valid Qatari ID and Passport of the father.
    • Copy of Valid Qatari ID and Passport of Mother.
  2. The child must speak and understand the basic English language.
  3. The upcoming academic session shall commence as per the MoEHE (Ministry of Education and Higher Education) Doha Qatar guidelines.
  4. All fields are mandatory, missing or invalid information may cause a delay in process or rejection of the application.
  5. Upon submission of a successful application, a confirmation email will be sent to parents.
  6. Parents of eligible students will receive an email with the test scheduled within a week.
  7. Due to any reason, if the student is unable to show up on the date of the entrance test, kindly inform 2 working days prior to reschedule the entrance test.
  8. After the entrance test, an email will be sent to the parents of successful students to complete the admission process.


For students New to Qatar (newly arrived or will arrive student) who are applying for admission at The Next Generation School in class Year II and above are required to provide the attested copy of the recent final report card. The report card should be attested from relevant educational authorities in the country of origin and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Doha Qatar.

Age Table (as of September)





Early Years (KG 1)

3 – 4 Years

Year VI

10 – 11 Years

Reception (KG 2)

4 – 5 Years

Year VII

11 – 12 Years

Year I

5 – 6 Years


12 – 13 Years

Year II

6 – 7 Years

Year IX

13 – 14 Years

Year III

7 – 8 Years

Year XII

16 – 17 Years

Year IV

8 – 9 Years


17 – 18 Years

Year V

9 – 10 Years



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